An Evening With the General: William Henry Harrison Coming to Piqua 
Tickets Now Available for April 16 Event 

PIQUA - In 1794 a young John Johnston met William Henry Harrison for the first time when Harrison was an aide to Gen. Anthony Wayne at Fort Piqua and Johnston was bringing supplies to the army. A relationship began that would last until Harrison’s untimely death in 1841.

The ties between the two men ran very deep through America’s history from Johnston’s beginning at Fort Piqua, continuing during Johnston’s years in Fort Wayne, to time they shared at Johnston’s Upper Piqua Farm during the War of 1812, and culminating in Harrison’s election to the Presidency in 1840. Few men shared as

much early events as these two figures.

Join character actor and scholar Frank Butwin as he brings the story of this military and political giant to life as he shares the story of William Henry Harrison with audience members at 7:30 p.m. April 16 at the Fort Piqua Plaza Ballroom. Spots for this evening are $30 or $25 for Johnston Farm Friends and Ohio History Connection members. Call (937) 773-2522 by Monday, April 13 to be a part of an evening of great American and local history.

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