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Riverside Offers Universal Changing Station at Mum Festival

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TIPP CITY - The Miami County Board of Developmental Disabilities, also known as Riverside, will offer a Universal Changing Station at the Tipp City Mum Festival on September 22 through 24. The Universal Changing Station is a private tent with an adult-sized changing table that can be used for people of any age or ability, making the Mum Festival a fully inclusive event for all.


   “In the past, Riverside has offered a changing tent to change a baby’s diaper or have a quiet break. However, we know there are people of all ages and sizes who need similar facilities,” said Melissa Nichols, Community Awareness and Opportunities Director at Riverside. “Whether it is an adult with a disability, or even a senior citizen or a veteran, we want to ensure that everyone has a chance to enjoy community events with the freedom of knowing they have a private and convenient place to change when needed.” 

   This project is one of many making its way across Ohio and the nation, with many public facilities and local businesses offering adult changing tables in public restrooms. People seeking accessible changing stations across the world can visit the website to view an interactive map marking locations with such facilities.

   At the Mum Festival, Riverside’s Universal Changing Station will be located next to the Round House at Tipp City Community Park. The station will feature a large changing table with side rails and powered height adjustability, suitable for changing children or adults, basic sanitization supplies, as well a rocking chair for parents who would like a place to relax with a baby or toddler.

   Riverside plans to make the Universal Changing Station available for use at many more community events. For more information about Riverside’s Universal Changing Station, contact Melissa Nichols at 937-440-3002.  

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