The Troy Foundation Awards Apple Grants to Area Schools

Information provided by The Troy Foundation 

TROY - The Troy Foundation’s Apple Grant program has been in place since 2007 and provides grants of up to $1,000 to teachers to enhance the educational experiences of their students by providing funding for the costs associated with field trips, materials, supplies and equipment for their classrooms.  Teachers from Troy City Schools, Troy Christian, St. Patrick School, Overfield Early Childhood and Miami Montessori are eligible to apply for grants.

The Apple Grant Program awarded $23,352.32 as follows:
Overfield School         

  • Gross Motor Development (Balance Bikes)    $649.74

  • Independent Learning (Headphones)    $853.00

  • Outdoor Classroom    $950.00

St. Patrick Catholic School      

  • Chromebook Cart    $600.00

  • Portable Keyboard for Music Class    $750.00

  • Junior High Chromebook Cases    $786.93

  • Media Center (Chromebooks/Charging Station)    $998.40

Troy Christian Schools      

  • Homeschool Program     BJU Physical Science Textbook Sets    $999.50

  • Troy Christian Elementary     Middle Grade Student Choices    $981.85

  • Troy Christian Elementary     Firstgrade Classroom Library Center    $871.42

  • Troy Christian High School     Earth and Physical Science Kits    $991.75

  • Troy Christian High School     CCP English Textbooks    $803.00

  • Troy Christian High School     Surface Pro 7+ for Teaching/Presenting    $993.97

  • Troy Christian High School     CAD 1 Drone Building Project    $875.00

  • Troy Christian High School     Calculators    $931.00

  • Troy Christian High School     Life Science Activities    $965.00

  • Troy Christian High School     Percussion/Cymbal Project    $939.85

  • Troy Christian High School     Digital Photography/Art Program    $1,000.00

Troy City Schools          

  • Concord Elementary    Generation Genius    $345.00

  • Cookson Elementary    Piqua 36 STEM Field Trip    $650.00

  • Cookson Elementary    Reading Intervention    $714.00

  • Cookson Elementary    COSI    $1,000.00

  • Cookson Elementary    Learning w/ Hands-On Activities    $418.30

  • Forest Elementary    Say, Play, and Go Program    $348.84

  • Forest/Kyle Elementary    Social Studies Read-Alouds    $955.86

  • Troy Junior High School    Flexible Seating    $979.91

  • Troy High School     Mathematics Support Courses    $1,000.00

  • Troy High School     Pathways Program    $1,000.00


   The grants will be distributed to support each request for the 2022-23 school year.