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Troy Fire Department’s $6.2 Million Budget Reflects Ongoing Needs

From City of Troy, Ohio Government's Facebook page

TROY - The Troy Fire Department’s $6.2 million budget reflects the ongoing needs of the department and community alike. Approximately two-thirds of the budget will go toward staffing 33 firefighters, two apprentice firefighters, a clerk, and seven command-level employees. Annual physicals for firefighters, as well as $28,165 budgeted for training, ensure a fit and well-trained force.

   In addition, there is over $38,000 budgeted for updating the fire department’s rescue tools. These tools include the department’s “Jaws of Life” equipment and a replacement rescue saw.

   “The new tools will be battery-operated, allowing for lighter tools and the ability to be more mobile. These lifesaving hydraulic tools are used by emergency rescue personnel to assist in the extrication of victims involved in vehicle crashes and many other rescue situations,” said Fire Chief Matt Simmons. “The fire department will now have the ability to maintain two fire apparatuses located at Station 11 and Station 13 with the industry’s best rescue tools for quick deployment.”

   The normal replacement of other tools, hoses, equipment, and evidence-collection materials is also budgeted for 2023. While no ambulances or trucks are budgeted for 2023, the department is working to retrofit existing equipment in light of the nationwide ambulance shortage. New equipment is expected to be part of the 2024 budget.

   Said Mayor Robin Oda, “While we never want our department to have to use tools like the Jaws of Life, the unfortunate reality is that accidents and rescue situations occur with regularity. We’re glad to be able to provide state-of-the-art Fire and EMS services to our residents.” 

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