Local Coffee & Cream, Coming to

Pleasant Hill

EDIT: Local Coffee & Cream in now open. Regular business hours are 6:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Monday through Friday and 7:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. Saturday (closed Sunday). To visit Local Coffee & Cream on Facebook click HERE.

This was announced today on the Facebook page of Matt and Kristen Gray HERE, including the images

"The Exchange in Pleasant Hill is Coming Soon & so excited to be home of Local Coffee & Cream


   Beware…picture overload & word vomit

   We are so excited to be in the process of converting the old Farmers Exchange grain elevator and bring it back to life now as a social gathering space for the community called The Exchange


So what will The Exchange be & have…

    We have teamed up with Tricia Bowser & Tonia Schauer and their families and they will be opening up Local Coffee & Cream which will bring coffee, pastries, ice cream and more to our very own Pleasant Hill! We’re hoping their milkshake brings all the peeps to the yard(if you didn’t laugh…I’m sorry but that’s funny)

   In addition too that, The Exchange will also offer a community garden, Axe Throwing, Sand Volleyball, Yard Games for all, Rock Climbing on the silos(this will not be available at grand opening but will come shortly after), a plant shop, outdoor seating, community dinners & gatherings, many DIY session, different co op opportunities, monthly events & activities and some unique food options. Outdoor seating galore to just hang together. There will also be a few spaces available to rent if you have been looking for an opportunity to start up your own little dream business or even if you are looking just to do a little pop up shop for a small period of time.

   There will be event spaces for rent as well as some amazing fundraising opportunities for local organizations & non profits.

    Our hope is this space will offer everyone a fun and safe place to go close to home, bring people into our community who maybe have never gotten to see what pleasant hill has to offer…we hope it will send more people to help support the amazing things our community already has like the summer markets, the amazing festivals & events & food truck Thursdays at the monument square!!

What was the motive behind this?

When our family had their health scares last year there wasn’t a minute in any of the days that I or any of our family was alone! We even had a friend who showed up to the hospital before we even got there before I had even had a chance to call anyone…he was already there! It spoke BIG to our hearts! This world is imperfect so it will always have hurt BUT no one has to hurt alone & that is the goal for The Exchange! We hope there will always be people there and that anyone can come hang and always feel loved.

   We have some amazing give back to the community dreams with the entire concept which I think is what is most exciting about the entire project so we will be so excited to share those once we are up and running.

We are so excited & we hope it will bring so much joy and fun to the place we already love so much!


Little deets

   We don’t have an opening day but it will be this summer.

   We are super excited about the pink silo & what it will bring & what it stands for so look for that announcement soon.

   All yard games will be free to all…when we say we want this to be for everyone we mean it! Yard will include corn hole, tower jenga, jumbo connect 4, the 4 way volleyball game I never get right and so much more.

   Community garden is open and free to all! We have peppers and tomatoes coming already so please stop by and pick whatever you can use. If you are a master gardener and want to help make the garden amazing let your magic hands go to work (we just ask no chemicals are used).

   Sand Volleyball will be available for all but there will be a sign…it’s open to whoever whenever unless there is a reserved sign up! If you would like to have a high school team come practice or start a league with your friends hit me up and we can get you on the schedule.

   If you have any ideas you’d love to see added please let us know HERE! If you are interested in rented a space let us know! If you’d love to be a vendor let us know! (CONTACT THEM THROUGH FACEBOOK HERE)


   If you want some Exchange gear let us know…we are selling it at cost right now!"

See all of the pictures and the original post HERE.