Speed Trailer Vandalized in Covington

Information and images from the Covington Police Department
COVINGTON - We have received a few requests for the Speed Trailer to be brought to a few different neighborhoods within the village.

   Unfortunately, on the early morning of Thursday, June 30, our Speed Trailer was vandalized to the point that it is unusable. We have used it, especially this summer, in locations at citizen request. It was on N. Main St. south of W. Broadway when it was vandalized. During which, a neighbor's American Flags were ripped off of his poles and thrown on the ground.


   We are currently working with the manufacturer and insurance to get a Speed Trailer back in operation for our citizens, however it is not a quick process with supply chain issues.


   We are also still actively working the investigation into the vandalism, if you have any information on it, please contact the Miami County Dispatch Non-Emergency line at (937) 440-9911 and ask to speak with the Covington Officer on duty.