Cornovirus Update from the Miami County Sheriff's Department 
Information provided by the Miami County Sheriff's Department 
TROY - Miami County Sheriff Dave Duchak is offering this press release to address the “stay at home order” issued by Governor Mike DeWine that mandates that all Ohioans stay in their homes for all but essential outings. 

This is taking place in an effort to combat the spread of the corona virus. It is important to remind the community that their continued cooperation in following the direction of Governor DeWine’s mandates will benefit all of us as this crisis progresses. 

It is emphasized that "common sense" exceptions have been included in the state order, so people will still be permitted to leave their homes for groceries, carryout meals, medical supplies and other essentials. People are permitted to go outside for physical exercise (though not at public playgrounds) and are allowed to tend to family members, friends, and pets that may be in other homes and in need of care. Essential businesses will still be open and persons will be permitted to travel to report for work and return home. 

I can anticipate that the enforcement action with respect to the Governor’s order will typically only occur under extreme circumstances or during a blatant disregard of the order(s), which would impact public safety. Deputies will not be stopping persons to address why they are out or where they are going. The philosophy of this office will be to ask everyone to voluntarily comply with the order(s) and only leave their residences on permitted outings. Deputies will only intervene when it is necessary to preserve public safety and to maintain the health and public peace of the community. 

Public safety has to adjust to this crisis as it unfolds and we are attempting to navigate these times to provide essential services and protect our employees. We are mindful of the sacrifices that residents are making and we are trying to make common sense decisions that serve us all well. The sacrifices we make today and the coming weeks, will greatly benefit others and us in the days to come. 


⦁     Deputies daily briefings were suspended last week.  Deputies will get their daily briefing though their computer and the records management system along with emails.
⦁    Command staff and detectives have been assigned to different sheriff’s office locations or homes to work so as not to be in the same office areas.
⦁    Several support staff have also been assigned to work from home.
⦁    The Miami County Common Pleas Court has suspended all sheriff’s sales for 60 days.  Sales that have already occurred will still be processed.
⦁    Governor DeWine still has C.C.W. permits and Web checks (background checks) as being essential so they are continuing.  Web checks will be completed for essential occupations only.  There will be screening questions and temperature checks on those individuals who are in need of those permits and checks.

Again, I would urge all residents not to panic and continue to follow all health department guidelines for proper sanitation and limit exposure to other people.  Please do not hoard items.  There are plenty of food and product stocks to replenish grocery stores, however the supply line cannot keep up when people hoard items and by doing this we only hurt each other. Again, working together we will get through this. I will continue to offer updates as timely as possible.

Dave Duchak, Sheriff
Miami County

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