Roger Presley Trail Sign Dedicated to Work of Natural Art

TIPP CITY - The Roger Presley Trail in Tipp City is one of the newest and greatest hiking trails in the region, largely because Roger Presley himself (pictured here with members of the Tipp City Foundation) spent more than five years turning an old fishing trail next to the Great Miami River, and covered with rocks, roots and rubbish, into a work of art that is now so flat that it’s wheelchair accessible!

   Today, Roger and friends from the Tipp City Foundation and community gathered at the trailhead garden (which took Roger the past 1 ½ years to complete) to officially dedicate the new Roger Presley Trail sign and to recognize this man’s outstanding achievements and dedication as a community volunteer.

   “He has a passion for wildlife, and building things for others is his drive,” said friend Mike Suber of Roger. “He’s poured so much into this trail.”

   According to the Tipp City Foundation, it took Presley an entire year just to clear the honeysuckle, brush and roots from the one-mile section of trail—all by hand!

   After perfecting the trail, which follows the river and connects to additional trails in Tipp City, Roger focused his attention on the trailhead garden, as well as cleaning up a bridge that stands next to the trailhead. The garden features colored rocks, flowers, rock benches and other natural creations. It's also not uncommon to be walking along the trail and to see other works of art, such as painted rocks, trees and benches.

   The City of Tipp City will now take over the care and maintenance of the trail, but Roger’s help won’t be stopping.

   According to the Tipp City Foundation, Roger’s will directs his estate to the Warren E. Miltenberger Parkland Fund to support the upkeep, maintenance and preservation of the trail and garden. The fund provides money to replant trees, upgrade the trail and provide any benches and mile markers that may be needed, among other upgrades.


   If you’d like to see what one man can achieve with his hands and passion, as well as one of the most beautiful trails in western Ohio during any season of the year, stop by the Roger Presley Trail in Tipp City. And if you see Roger, give him a thanks for his amazing volunteer work.

HOW TO GET THERE: To reach the Roger Presley Trail, park across the street from 200 Parkwood Drive (near the football field) in Tipp City and follow the Great Miami Recreational Trail south. The trail is directly on your left after accessing the GMRT and crossing a small bridge. Click HERE to view the location on Google Maps. 

Read more about Roger's story through the Tipp City Foundation, HERE.

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