New Breakfast, Lunch and Brunch Restaurant to Open in Sherwood

Information from redBERRY
TROY - The owners of a new restaurant in Troy announced the name of their project today. redBERRY, a name that pays tribute to the city of Troy and its famous festival, will occupy the south corner of Sherwood and serve a classic breakfast and lunch menu.

redBERRY developed as a concept between local entrepreneur, Mykie Thompson, and the same investors who have been carefully reimagining and re-invigorating Sherwood. “Mykie was looking for an opportunity to manage her own restaurant, and the investors were looking for something new and exciting for Sherwood,” said a spokesperson for redBERRY. “The team recognized quickly that one underdeveloped niche in Troy was the breakfast restaurant. No one wanted a chain restaurant or a place that served the kind of meal you could just as easily make at home; instead, they imagined something that was truly unique for the community.”

Thompson, who was born and raised in a restaurant family (her parents are Michael and Telisa Delligatta of Michael Anthony’s at the Inn), created the menu with input from family, friends and the investors. redBERRY will serve up breakfast populars like egg skillets, biscuits and gravy, and French toast, as well as lunch standards like hearty soups, fresh salads and sandwiches. “The menu is very traditional with a few surprises tossed in,” said Thompson. “We’re just going to prepare the food better than anywhere else and serve it in an environment that is really one-of-a-kind.”

redBERRY will be open 6 days week (excluding Monday) and hours of operation will be 6:30am to 2:30pm, Tuesday through Saturday, and 9am to 2pm on Sunday. The restaurant will have some specialty items that are available only on the Sunday brunch menu, and since redBERRY was able to obtain a liquor license, a selection of alcoholic beverages including mimosas and Bloody Marys will also be served. redBERRY will seat 100+ customers including it’s all-season patio and is scheduled to open this spring.

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