West Milton Chiropractor Offering Promising Therapy for Neuropathy
By Matt Bayman
WEST MILTON - Neuropathy is a debilitating condition where people experience pins-and-needles sensations, numbness, pain, and weakness in their hands and/or feet. It is often caused by diabetes, injuries, infections and exposure to toxins, including those found in chemotherapy drugs and some prescription medications.

   According to the National Institute of Health, it is a very common ailment that affects more than 20 million people in the United States. There is no known cure and, according to the Mayo Clinic, the condition is currently treated with antidepressants, narcotic and over-the-counter pain medications and anti-seizure medications, all of which have side effects of their own.

Dr. Besecker .JPG

Dr. Besecker checks a patient for nerve damage that can be caused by neuropathy.

   After experiencing neuropathy pain himself, Dr. David Besecker, a chiropractor based in West Milton, learned about a new innovative noninvasive, painless therapy that uses a four pronged, drug-free approach to treat the disease.

   “Neuropathy symptoms can start fairly minor but progress over time,” Dr. Besecker said from his office at 22 N Miami St. “Unless you restore blood-flow to damaged nerves, provide them with the proper nutrients, and reestablish proper nerve conduction, it will continue to progress.”
   The condition can lead to people being wheelchair bound, prone to infections and, in worse-case scenarios, amputation. This is a reality for about 25 percent of diabetics.

   “The good news is that if you follow our program, you will get better,” Dr. Besecker said. “Many people get 100 percent relief. More importantly, it’s not the relief they talk about, it’s the things they can do again, like take walks or get a good night’s sleep without pain. Or they get their balance back, which is a major concern for people suffering from neuropathy.”

   According to the United States National Library of Medicine (USNLM), along with exposure to toxins and alcoholism, nutritional or vitamin imbalances are a major contributing factor in neuropathy, with vitamin B12 deficiency being a main factor.

   Using a clinically proven, medicine-free protocol that includes nutrition, home administered light therapy and nerve re-education therapy, along with in-office therapy, Dr. Besecker said he can help provide relief to those suffering from neuropathy.

   “We have a solution to a problem for which there are no medical cures. Medicines can sometimes help with the pain but don’t solve the problem and the side effects can be worse than the original symptoms,” he said. “It all comes down to having enough blood-flow, nutrients, and proper nerve conduction in the affected nerves.”
   “Most Neuropathies don’t start over night and won’t heal overnight either. The goal of our treatment is to first stop the progression of nerve degeneration and then begin the process of healing. This takes time. Many patients start feeling better within a few weeks, depending on the cause of the nerve damage, which nerves are affected and the severity of their sensory loss. The healing process itself occurs over 12-18 months. A major advantage of this program is you do most of the therapy at home. And daily therapy is required to have long term success in healing neuropathy.”

   For those who are concerned about safety and efficacy, Dr. Besecker's office has 189 peer reviewed articles supporting the technology they are using. 
   "We are part of a group of doctors that have now treated tens of thousands of patients successfully with this specific program," he said.


   “We provide the mechanism and accountability for our patients to succeed,” he added. “Neuropathy is unique to each individual in its cause and the symptoms it produces. We sit down and find out what a patient values, how neuropathy is affecting this, and how to get it back. Success to me is when patients can do the things they love again.  Sometimes that’s as simple as being able to walk to the mailbox or feel the pedals so they can drive a car, or not have to rely on others to shop for them.” 

   “I realize most neuropathy patients have been told there is nothing that can be done outside of drugs, and they just have to learn to live with their symptoms.  Also, many have tried seemingly every alternative treatment there is, usually with mixed or no results. Over 95 percent of the patients in our group succeed because of our four pronged approach and the built in system of accountability that helps our patients stay on track so they can reach their goals.”

   The patient experience at Dr. Besecker’s office starts with attending a free information session and consultation with the doctor. Most patients know by the end of this if the program resonates with them or not. This is all free and takes approximately one hour total.  If at this point a patient wants to continue there is a $49 exam to determine the amount of sensory loss they actually have. After that, Dr. Besecker takes all of the information from the consultation and exam to formulate a care plan specific to their situation. This is presented to the patient at their next visit, and the patient and Dr. Besecker decide at that point if it makes sense for them to proceed.

   Those interested in scheduling for the free session and consultation with Dr. Besecker can call (937) 314-4180 or visit westmiltonchiropractic.com/neuropathy for more information.