Melcher Sowers Funeral Home Discusses Benefits of Advance Planning  
Information provided by Melcher Sowers Funeral Home
PIQUA – Pre-arranging funerals has been around for many years. Last year, over one million people in the United States decided to pre-plan their funerals. It is estimated that more than a third of all funerals will be pre-arranged in the next decade.
Advance funeral planning just makes sense. When someone dies, the family is faced with a multitude of decisions at a most difficult time. They must answer questions concerning the type of service, what style and color of casket, how much to spend, what florist and type of floral arrangement and other important decisions.
The extent of preplanning is entirely up to the person making the arrangements. If may consist of merely putting on record the biographical information necessary for both legal and media purposes. It may extend to choosing the types of services and/or merchandise desired. It can also include pre-paying the funeral. Pre-payment may be paying the amount in full, making monthly payments or by assessing your insurance policies to the funeral home. It is also possible to guarantee the current funeral cost by pre-paying.
Advance planning takes the burden off families by discussing all the necessary details of a funeral. Many people don’t realize the amount of information required to plan a funeral. Oftentimes those making the arrangements are not knowledgeable in all necessary areas. For instance, do you know your mother’s mother’s (your grandmother) maiden name; do you know all of your parents’ siblings’ names and resident location, where were your parents born? If you know this important information about your parents, do your children know the same information about you?
A funeral may not be an easy thing to discuss, but people who have pre-arranged funeral plans say it is much easier to make the plans ahead of time rather than tyring to make them at the time of death, due to the emotional stress at the time of death of a loved one.
Our firm has licensed funeral directors available 24 hours a day to help you with your pre-planning in our facility or in the comfort and privacy of your own home.
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