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Tipp City author Ken Serey (pictured at left on Wednesday) has written a new book that shares the stories of local veterans, including James "Pee Wee" Martin (pictured above). Serey. The book is available on Amazon.

Tipp City Author Shares the Stories of Local World War II Veterans
By Matt Bayman
TIPP CITY - Inspired by his own father serving in World War II, and blessed with a unique career that gave him access to many veterans from the Greatest Generation, Tipp City resident Ken Serey has released a new book titled, What’s the Story? Your Ohio Neighbors Share Their War Memories: From Pearl Harbor to V-J Day.

   The book is a collection of first-hand stories from Ohio veterans (a majority from the greater Miami Valley) who answered the call of duty when our country needed them most. It features true stories from veterans who were at some of the most pivotal and important places during World War II. It includes stories from the first man to land on Omaha Beach; a detailed account of the Battle of the Bulge from a member of the 101st Airborne “Band of Brothers;” a pilot’s description of the firebombing of Japan; the treasure found at Hitler’s Eagle’s Nest hideaway; a Merchant Marine’s story of surviving a torpedo attack; a soldier who took on a Panzer tank—without ammunition—and won; people who worked at German POW camps in Ohio (there were 10 of them); and many more.

  The book is available on Amazon (Linked HERE).    

  Speaking about his book on Wednesday in Vandalia, Serey said he has always been interested in peoples’ stories about World War II and was able to sit down with dozens of veterans. He later said, “For 22 years I had a business with my brother where we represented video magnifiers for the visually impaired and legally blind. Normally, the people who need these products are on the older side of life. Because of this age bracket, it gave me the opportunity to sit and talk with them and that opened the doors. They were willing to share with me their personal stories.”

  Serey was able to talk to famed World War II paratrooper James “Pee Wee” Martin of Sugarcreek Twp. (who recently passed at the age of 101), and veterans from Tipp City, Pleasant Hill, Bradford, Rosewood, St. Henry, Lima, Cincinnati and many other Ohio towns.

  On Wednesday, Serey shared some of the stories that made the book, and others that didn’t. Being that the subject is war, Serey said many conversations with veterans involved lots of tears, often as people shared stories about things they experienced during the war for the first time in decades, or possibly ever.

   Serey said one of the main reasons he wrote the book is connect these veterans and their stories with the younger generations alive today, and beyond, as a way to not forget the sacrifices they made.