Greenfire Fresh Closing Its Doors in Tipp City
Information from Greenfire Fresh’s Facebook page on Feb. 19

“Happy Friday! Hope everyone has had a great week.

It is with very heavy hearts that we have to announce that the Greenfire will be closing at the end of this month. There are many factors that have lead us to this extremely hard decision.

While Covid certainly hasn't helped the journey- I'm sure I've made my own share of mistakes along the way too.

Also due to new codes and regulations, it has become financially overwhelming to bring our kitchen up to code, in order to serve you as best as possible.

It has been such an amazing ride with Greenfire.

From feeding all of you wonderful people, to the gained friendships, and extraordinary humans we have met along the way.

We will officially close our doors on February 27th.

Until then, please stop in and say goodbye.

Grab a drink and fresh inspired food and give Greenfire the send off it rightfully deserves after 26 years of serving the community!” 

The Dayton Daily News wrote an article on the closing linked HERE.