Keeping the Great Miami River Clean 
By Dana Hyland Horner - Photos by Mike Horner 
There are several things that keep Miami County on the top of people's list to visit and one of them is the beautiful river. It has been picking up popularity for boaters, campers and fishing in the past years. Keeping the river clean has been a project  of the Miami Soil and Water Conservation District (SWCD).

   Clean Sweep of the Great Miami River began its journey in 2005 in an attempt to cover the entire stretch of the Great Miami River and tributaries within its watershed. An average of 800 volunteers each year taking many sections of the river from Indiana Lake to the Ohio River in a quest to keeping it clean and free of garbage and debris.


   Section leaders either arrange canoes for the volunteers to collect trash in the river or direct volunteers to walk the bike paths to collect trash along the streambanks and flood plains of the river. Miami SWCD will be leading a section of canoers and walkers from Farrington Road down to Treasure Island. Miami County Park District has graciously provided canoes and their staff for the event each year as well as other supporters which include Cargill, Atlantis Sportswear, Concord Township, City of Troy, and others.


   Volunteers range from individuals to companies like Hobart, Trimble and RegalRexnord, and this year the 4-H group "Just for Fun" from Union Township will be walking the trails lending their support for the Clean Up. Miami SWCD expected around 70 people to arrive before 8:30 on Friday July 15th  at Treasure Island to take down the river for this year's event.


   Since 2006, they have pulled out about 338 tons of trash and over 8000 tires with over 13000 volunteers taking part. Jeff Lange with POWW (Protecting Our Waterways) will be doing his event on Saturday July 16th. 


   If you or your company would like to be involved next year in the Great Miami County Clean Sweep please contact Linda Raterman at ( )