Get Moving with the Miami County YMCA 2021 Challenge 
Information provided by the Miami County YMCA 
PIQUA/TROY - Join us for this challenge in 2021 to get moving and build a healthier spirit, mind and body during the New Year!!
The goal is to complete 30 minutes of exercise or 10,000 steps at least 5 days per week AND complete one mind or spirit activity per week.  We will help you stay motivated by sending out weekly messages and workout suggestions. Keep track of your workouts each week on your tracking cards and turn them in to the courtesy desk at the end of each week or at the end of the challenge.  All participants who complete all 6 weeks of the challenge will win a YMCA water bottle.  All returned cards will be entered into a drawing for YMCA prizes including: T-shirts, hats, gym bags and personal training sessions.
The Challenge starts Monday, January 18th!

Program Rules:
In order to participate, participants must register and pick up tracking cards: 
- YMCA Members - Free and Non-members - $30 
- Download the YMCA Daxko app or check your email to receive weekly messages to stay on track.  Download through the Apple and Android Stores (make sure to type Daxko Mobile when searching for the app. Once the app downloads, approve location services or search Miami County YMCA).   
- After completing 5 days of exercise or steps plus one spirit/mind activity be sure to turn in your cards each week or at the end of the challenge.  Make sure to put your name on your card before you turn it in.  Spirit/mind activities can be completed in any order. 
- All the cards turned in will be entered into the drawing whether the challenge was completed or not. 
In order to qualify for a water bottle, all 6 cards must be turned in by the end of the challenge.  

Sierra Woodyard, Robinson Branch 
 440-9622 or
Heather Sever, Piqua Branch
773-9622 or