Friends Remember Easton Ho, "He Had the Biggest Heart"
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TROY - Friends and co-workers of Easton Ho, a Troy man who was murdered by his roommate on April 13 and an employee at Kroger in Piqua, say he was the nicest person they knew and can't believe what has happened to him. Here are just some of the comments people have made about Ho on Facebook: 

"He was such an amazing person. He was nice and caring to everyone. He would give you the shirt off his back if it meant you were warm. And he was just so damn smart. He could spend an entire day telling you all about a topic and always made sure to stop to make sure you understood. He was so passionate about all the things he loved," says Darrian Kissinger, a friend.


"This person had the biggest heart and would do anything for anyone if they needed it! And one of the smartest people I knew," says friend Tiara Goings.

“You were my smiling face, on some of my worst days, you genuinely made people happy and you will absolutely never be forgotten,” writes Heather Haynes of Troy.

“He was a great friend and a great person,” says Nathan Lee.  

“Easton Ho was literally one of the nicest people I ever met,” writes Jen Mears.  

“He was so very nice and always had a smile for everyone,” Yvette Sheats-McCarel says.

“He would literally do anything for anyone…” writes Paul Ludwig. 

“He was the nicest. He always made sure my son got a sticker and would talk to us every time he saw us. He really will be missed,” writes Kroger customer Ashley of Piqua.

“Easton was an amazing person,” Artie Parker of Piqua.

“You were the light in our store,” writes fellow employee Tiggy Kins.

“Easton was the kindest person at Kroger. My thoughts and prayers to his family as well as his Kroger family,” writes Piqua resident Cindy Daub.