High Street Project On Track to Finish Early
Information from the Village of Covington 

- The intersection of Bridge Street and High Street will be closed until at least the middle of next week (week of June 14). It is likely that work will continue in the area of Dodds until the end of next week, but the goal is to have the intersection open next week sometime (weather dependent).

- By the week of June 21, there will be a lot of changes again. By the end of that week Phase 1 and Phase 2 will be completed, meaning that High Street from Wright Street south, will be completely open and free to use as normal. The area between US36 and Wright will remain closed.

- Beginning the week of June 21 the intersection of US36 and US48 will be closed and have signs that state a detour for 30 days. Work will be completed within the actual intersection for only a couple days, but other work from Wright to US36 and US36 to Face Street will occur within that 30 day time period. Local traffic will be permitted to utilize the intersection when active work is not being completed.

- The project was originally slated to be completed on September 1, but it looks as though the project will be completed by the middle of July.