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Covington Council Meets for First Meeting of 2023
Information from the Village of Covington
COVINGTON - Village Council met on January 9th for the first Council meeting of 2023. Council elected Jessie Reynolds to serve as President of Council for 2023.

   Everyone is invited to join Council at the next meeting on January 23 to hear Mayor McCord give the State of the Village.


Council heard the following:

  • Ord 01-23 - Updating Various Fees applicable to the provision of certain water / sewer services being provided by the Village


Council approved the following resolutions and ordinances:

  • Ord 23-22 - Amending the Employee Manual

  • Reso 01-23 - Authorizing the VA to go our for RFQ related to the Government Center addition and remodel

  • Reso 02-23 - Authorizing the VA to submit an OEPA Public Water Equipment Grant Application

   Please note that copies of all approved minutes, ordinances and resolutions is available for download from the Village website (once signed and scanned in).

   The next scheduled Council meeting will be January 23rd at 7:00PM. Any questions on the Council Meeting or future agenda items, please contact the Village Administrator directly.

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