Casstown Dog Still Walks Same Path That Now Deceased Owner Took Him On
CASSTOWN – A post on Facebook by the Village of Casstown on March 9 has led to a fun story about Harley, a dog that has been seen walking around Casstown almost every day, by himself.


   The Village of Casstown asked on their Facebook page (with the pictures shown below): “Would LOVE to know if anyone has the story on this adorable resident! This particular pup takes a walk nearly every day (down Burton Rd), takes the same route every time, and even looks both ways before it crosses main street and heads back home! This has been happening for years now. Never lets you close enough to check tag, and if you are on one side of the street it crosses to the other side, lol. We figure there has to be a good story to this dog's daily walk!”


   A short time later, Wendy Reck responded to the Village: “It is Harley. He was my mom's dog and she walked him around Casstown every day several times a day until she passed away. He still continues to take his daily walks by himself as he will not let you put a leash on him anymore. He is supposed to stay in the yard but takes off. Tell him to go home and he will.”


   The Village responded, “Wendy Reck, Thank you SO much for giving us the story on Harley! He is just awesome! He has his own fan club on this side of town! It is incredible he remembers his walks with your mom and still goes on them.”


  Other people in Casstown are aware of Harley.


  Alyssa Loughman writes, “Harley is the best dog. Very spoiled. If you see him crossing Main Street tell him to go home and he will. He knows he’s not allowed to cross so when he hears someone tell him to leave he runs right back because he knows he will get in trouble. Loves his family just as much as we all love him.”


  Bonnie Magato writes: “Looks like Harley! He greets me pretty much daily when I am out for a walk.”


  Reck told another person that Harley is between 17 and 18 years old and that he was rescued from a puppy mill!